Old things

Some incipient mild panic at the relocated Penguin Villa. Ran some diagnostics on Squishy Llama and found out that the hard drive that has the system partition on it is going to fail soon. Happily (?) she uses ATA drives, so a replacement shouldn't be TOO hard to find. And I found a cloning tool, so relocating the system files shouldn't be too nasty a job, for a change.

Remember this?

Well, around August - just in time for the next race at Grand Bend - I got the project done.

Lovely and ratty, don't you think? The paint is a mix of primer, glittery silver and the original red under worn-off portions. The rust is carefully sealed under matte clear coat. Mechanically everything is new and good, though I'm having some problems with the 35-year-old DNB derailleur and will probably swicth over to a Shimano Tourney I have on hand.
Under the seat you'll see a small fabricated part. It's a towing lug. If something happens to the 3600 lb. Bel Air while racing I can hook it to the bike and tow it to the pits.
All the cables are located with cable ties. Probably switch it to hockey tape in the Spring. But the seat - carefully upholstered in duct tape - stays.
Only one negative: once she was built I found out that she's too small for me. By a lot. So there may be something new in the Spring...

In the meantime:

It's a pre-war CCM ladies' bike, also found while rummaging at the dump for sheet metal. I need to strip everything down to bare metal and build up, but I have all the parts I'm likely to need for the job. I even have a couple of complete Sturmey Archer 3-speed hubs, including one still in a 28" wheel. This one is definitely getting restoration.
Just need to find someone local who can strip the frame...
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Three years since my last meltdown. Given the environment I inhabit and a set of events that have occurred over the last two weeks or so, another one seems likely shortly.

- - -

To my most brain-dead computer student:
a) The universe doesn't care what you believe about it. It's about 13 billion years old, despite what your 'minister' tells you. Loftily informing people who actually know something about the world they inhabit that they're wrong (and, BTW, not even knowing how that ludicrous '4004BC' date was selected in the first place) just means that sooner or later nobody will ever, ever listen to a word you say about anything. Come to think of it, you may not have noticed that you're kinda at that point now.
a1) Incidentally, you're not a Christian. You neither behave nor think like one, and you sure as Hell don't follow any of his (ostensible) teachings.
b) The astronomical community is wholly indifferent to how you feel about the controversy regarding the status of Pluto as a planet.
b1) No, I will NOT waste printer ink - or my time - because you want the spacing between two particular words in your diatribe on the subject increased by .1pt.
b1a) Just because you SAY something is true ("The True Solar System"? Give it UP, man...) doesn't MAKE it true. See a) above.
c) Billy Graham doesn't give two farts in a snowstorm about you OR your inability to understand why obscure self-published books of Bible quotations don't match. And he WON'T care unless you send him money. And even THEN he won't know you from Adam. Oh, and BTW, whoever told you he's an "expert" on the Bible (IIRC the words you used were "the world's greatest Bible scholar") was either grotesquely misinformed or an outright liar. Thought you should know.

- - -

Pretty bad when you realise that someone you once chose to commit your life to is not only completely psychotic, but has probably been that way for quite a number of years and you didn't even notice. What does that say about that person? More to the point, what does that say about YOU?

- - -

Frakking heat. You try doing careful assembly of a complex piece of machinery when the combination of heat, humidity and UV is making you puke your guts out every time you walk out the door. Add to that the pressure from the person demanding that machinery's assembly (but who won't go out themselves because 'it's too hot') and there is no longer any reason to wonder why I'm considering burning all my ID and making a one-way trip to somewhere more pleasant. No, I'm not saying where. I'm not a "Batman" villian. I don't leave clues.

- - -

TVO used to show all kinds of interesting short documentaries, fifteen years ago. I once collected four: "Neon: An Electric Memoir," about classic neon signs; "Vita Futurista," about the Italian Futurist movement that was the first art of the Machine Age; "Mies," about architect Mies van der Roh, who (among other things) redefined corporate architecture in Toronto with his TD Bank buildings; and "Black Leather Jacket," about the cultural history of the article of clothing in the title.
Being foolishly thoughtful, I lent it out some time ago to a furry, who almost immediately "lost" it. This is me being surprised:

(BTW, if you're reading this, jerk, thanks for having made a difficult life just that little bit more unpleasant.)
I bring this up because I'm hoping that someone knows where I can find copies of these films. There's no torrents available that I can find, and there's little other information about them available so they'll be nearly impossible to locate commercially. TVO, of course, won't let me burn a few DVDs. (Copyright.) I want to see them again. I want to regain a sense that there's more to life than alcoholics, poisonous air, self-centered 'friends' and mental illness.

- - -

Okay, you can all go back to doing searches on FA for furry pr0n.
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Being productive

Busy day today.

Got the new louvered panels welded to the back of the Pontiac, replacing the melted taillights. Picked up a trailer-load (literally) of old bicycles and parts, and cut the bad rims off recoverable hubs. Took a bunch of scrap to the junk dealer. found some good wheels for the Cub trailer project. Picked up an old cabinet to be turned into a 1:24-scale house in the garden. Talked to a rather nice fellow at CN about purchasing the Paynes Subdivision (St Thomas to Glencoe, 22 miles.) Got it on the agenda at next month's council meeting.

Not bad, eh?

Nothing leaked, either; instead, my arms and legs are covered in tiny burns from the welder and grinder. But it's honourable pain.


Cyberspace and what to do inside it

An interesting extract from a book published in 2004, before Second Life and its bretheren came along. It's description of 'hybrid cyberspace' sounds exactly like SL, but it also suggests that there might be other ways of looking at and interacting with virtuality. In particular, the description of 'hypervirtuality' is intriguing... though how one would create such a non-space-dependant environment given the space-bound-ness of the current SL and OpenSim client and server software is thoroughly beyond me.

Fun to think about though.

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Phone call

I have to make one tomorrow, returning a call from Canadian National Railways. If it goes well I'll have had yet another complete change of direction in my life, a whole new project that will keep me massively occupied and loaded with new responsibilities for... years, probably.

That's a lot to burden one poor li'l phone call with, innit?

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After a decent enough day yesterday*, today has been, well, blech. Hot and humid outside. Sunburned so bad at the track I look like a minor demon, and even a few seconds' exposure to the UV out-of-doors hurts like a sumbitch. My feet hurt cuz I walked the length of the pits at least a dozen times, in my hard sandals, and my arms hurt from having to stretch out to strap the car's axles to the trailer. Nothing on TV either. So I'm either watching golf** or randomly poking through FA.
Next two days I'm dog sitting, and after THAT I can finally get the Pontiac's rear end sorted out. And get the lawn cut.  But in the meantime, blech...

* We didn't have the new motor for the Chevy yet, so we took the Plymouth to Grand Bend for the Nostalgia Days event. Damned thing would NOT hook up, and if Melissa got it sideways at the start line the tires'd get into the slippery stuff and she'd have no traction for the rest of the race. Been a while since I saw a car burn rubber the whole quarter. BUT her best past was a 13.48 at 101 mph, so it wasn't a wasted day.
Unfortunately by the end of the sixth run the 440 was running pretty ragged, so we're gonna have to have a look at the carbs and plugs and maybe take a boo down the cylinders to see what's going on.

** "If you want to go for long walks in the park, go for long walks in the park. If you want to hit a little white ball with a stick, hit a little white ball with a stick. But there's no excuse for combining the two and putting the results on television." - Ted Hughes
But Melissa enjoys it...
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Keeping occupied

Extended my dry-stone wall in the garden before it got too hot this morning. Burned soem George Carlin albums to CD. Did the mail and shopping walk. Looked up engine data on the Max Wedge. Answered some messages. Watched a bit of TV. Played a pile of Same-X games.

All to distract myself from remembering that I have a funeral to go to later this week...

- - -

I should really find out if people want to come to a track-making party. I have all of four feet of track made up for the garden, and I'm going to need a LOT more. I have rail, I have ties, I have spikes, I have a jig, I just don't have much enthusiasm for that tedious task, nor for the even more tedious task of making switches, but ready-made costs too much. It might be fun to do, though, in a group. Like a quilting bee, but with more aluminum and less yarn.

Something to think about for later this summer. If you're reading this and interested, let me know?

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Fixing things

Taking a break from the hot sun, so I might as well waste soem bandwidth here...

My big job for today was getting the Farmall Cub up and running. (For those who haven't seen it, it looks like this - this one isn't ours but it's very close.)

Last fall I put in a new starter and it still refused to start, and then I got distracted by the F100 and the Chevy, so today was the day I dug into the electrical system to find out what was wrong.
Guess what it was. Go ahead, guess.
If you said 'the new starter' give yourself a no-prize. :P

At least I can work on it standing up instead of lying on my back...